Legal History in Action:
Writing Down Indigenous Customs

On May 6th...

“Consuetudine”, “Coutume”, “Gewohnheit” and “Diritto Comune”. An Introduction: English Version, Italian Version
Emanuele Conte
(Roma Tre, EHESS)

Surveys of Taiwan’s Indigenous Customs: Updates
Awi Mona
(Chih-Wei Tsai) (NTUP)

“Custom” in Taiwan’s Contemporary Legal Scholarship
Tzung-Mou Wu
(Academia Sinica)

Consuetudo legis – Custom or the Privilege of Law in the Late Roman Empire: Abstract in English, French Version
Soazick Kerneis
(Paris Ouest)

On Legal Pluralism and Ghosts in the Sachsenspiegel and in Taiwanese Gaya: English Version
Bernd Kannowski

Custom Law, Legal Consciousness and Local Agency. From Sumatra to Beauvais around 1100 and Back: English Version
Charles de Miramon

Ascertainment of Customs and National and/ or Personal Laws in Medieval Italy from the Lombard Kingdom to the Communes: English Version
Claudia Storti

Laws, Ethnicities, and Cities. The Customs of the Kingdom of Sicily between the Twelfth and the Fifteenth Century: Abstract in Italian, Italian Version
Beatrice Pasciuta

Recording Customs in the Early-Modern Low Countries: the Case of Sixteenth-Century Antwerp, a Commercial Metropolis
Bram van Hofstraeten

On May 7th...

The Fortunes and Misfortunes of Codification in the Ecuadorian Amazon: The "Customary Law" of the Runa (Amazonian Kichwa) of Ecuador: Abtract in English
Barbara Truffin

Indigenous Customary Law in a Civil Law Context: Latin America and the Chilean Case: English Version
Rodrigo Miguez
(Piemonte Orientale)

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